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In summer 2008 I started playing around with Scala. As usual, when learning a new language, I coded all my tools in the "new" language.


  • Code-Cop blog helpers:
    • CreateBlogImageLinks - creates links for Flickr images to use in blog post.
    • OpenFlickrForCommenting - gets all Flickr image links from blog posts and opens the image comments page in the browser.
  • Flickr tools:
    • CheckFlickrLicense - checks the license of all Flickr URL short-cuts in a given folder to be CC.
    • DownloadFlickrAlbum - downloads all original sized images from a Flickr web album.
    • DownloadFlickrPreview - downloads preview images for Flickr bookmarks in a given folder.
  • And others:


  • The source is Scala 2.8.0 compatible.

Documentation from the Scala Team Study Group