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merged pytest2 branch into default branch

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File MoinMoin/apps/frontend/

File contents unchanged.

File MoinMoin/

         super(MoinTestFunction, self).teardown()
-    # Need to modify and add more stuffs
 def pytest_pycollect_makemodule(path, parent):
     return Module(path, parent=parent)
         # such items raise keyerror on test_item.destroy()
         # add the key 'uuid' to such items
         key_list = test_item.keys()
-        if not 'uuid' in key_list:
+        if 'uuid' not in key_list:
             test_item['uuid'] = 'temp_uuid'

File MoinMoin/search/

File contents unchanged.

File MoinMoin/storage/_tests/

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File MoinMoin/storage/backends/

File contents unchanged.
 directory = MoinMoin/translations/
+norecursedirs = .svn _build tmp* env
+minversion = 2.0