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File Doc/packaging/developer/packaging.metadata.rst

    ["pywin32; sys.platform == 'win32'", "Sphinx"]
-The fields that supports environment markers can be automatically ignored if
+The fields that support environment markers can be automatically ignored if
 the object is instantiated using the ``platform_dependent`` option.
-:class:`~packaging.metadata.DistributionMetadata` will interpret in the case
+:class:`~packaging.metadata.DistributionMetadata` will interpret in this case
 the markers and will automatically remove the fields that are not compliant
 with the running environment. Here's an example under Mac OS X. The win32
 dependency we saw earlier is ignored::
    >>> from packaging.metadata import DistributionMetadata
    >>> metadata = DistributionMetadata('PKG-INFO', platform_dependent=True)
    >>> metadata['Requires-Dist']
-   ['bar']
+   ['Sphinx']
 If you want to provide your own execution context, let's say to test the

File Doc/packaging/developer/packaging.version.rst

 class also provides a `match` method to test if a version number is the version
-   >>> version = VersionPredicate("ProjectName (<1.2,>1.0")
+   >>> version = VersionPredicate("ProjectName (<1.2,>1.0)")
    >>> version.match("1.2.1")
    >>> version.match("1.1.1")