Bugs in my source code(MiniDLNA: Add support for DSD (dsf, dff) music files)

Issue #9 resolved
Takeshich NAKAMURA
created an issue

I'm Takeshich NAKAMURA.

I wrote this: http://sourceforge.net/u/takeshich/minidlna/ci/7c0d58a0da44fcf98bd8d1acb7ecef1def295bbc/

There were ugly bugs in the source code:

  • During the scanning of dsf file,the amount of memory is abnormally increasing.
  • In the scanning of some dff files,the process goes into a infinite loop, on FreeBSD system.

I fixed them. I'd like you to use the latest source code. https://sourceforge.net/u/takeshich/minidlna/ci/AddSupport4DSD/tree/

Thank you.