Australian NTv2 Grid Conversion

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Copyright 2015, Phil Howarth (

This file is part of Australian NTv2 Grid Conversion. Australian NTv2 Grid Conversion is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

Australian NTv2 Grid Conversion is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with Australian NTv2 Grid Conversion. If not, see <>.

The Australian NTv2 Grid Conversion module and command line script enables conversions between AGD66/AGD84 and GDA94 coordinates using national grid files. It is intended as a partial replacement of the GDAit transformation software provided by The Office of Surveyor-General Victoria. National grid files obtained from the ANZLIC Committee on Surveying & Mapping are bundled with this application.

Tested in Python 3.4 and Python 2.7

This module is available on pypi or via pip install australian-ntv2-grid-conversion.

Redfearn's formula in the pypi module redfearn is used to convert between lat/lon and grid coordinate systems.

A web based application of this software is available at

Compiled exe files for command line use on Windows are available (Win 32bit | Win 64bit) These are compiled with py2exe, all files within the zip archive must remain in the same folder.

This module will read and convert csv files of data points. The csv file should have a single header row of either 'latitude, longitude' or 'easting, northing, zone'. Latitude and longitude values should be in decimal degrees.

Example Module Usage:

from australian_ntv2_grid_conversion import australian_ntv2_grid_conversion
ntv2 = australian_ntv2_grid_conversion.ntv2()

# Convert from lat/lon to lat/lon
# usage: latlon_to_latlon(latitude, longitude, from_system, to_system)
ntv2.latlon_to_latlon(-27.4667, 153.0333, 'agd84', 'gda94')
ntv2.latlon_to_latlon(-27.465103686137034, 153.0343661751207, 'gda94', 'agd66')
ntv2.latlon_to_latlon(-27.46668817104357, 153.0333048970482, 'agd66', 'gda94')
ntv2.latlon_to_latlon(-27.465103686137034, 153.0343661751207, 'gda94', 'agd84')
# results:
# {'lat_trans_acc': 0.0037210114794467347, 'lon_trans_acc': 0.0021168627299100505, 'latitude': -27.465103686137034, 'longitude': 153.0343661751207}
# {'lat_trans_acc': 0.004446575182746488, 'lon_trans_acc': 0.0039787268242746695, 'latitude': -27.46668817104357, 'longitude': 153.0333048970482}
# {'lat_trans_acc': 0.004446575182746488, 'lon_trans_acc': 0.0039787268242746695, 'latitude': -27.465103686137034, 'longitude': 153.0343661751207}
# {'lat_trans_acc': 0.0037210114794467347, 'lon_trans_acc': 0.0021168627299100505, 'latitude': -27.4667, 'longitude': 153.0333}

# Other conversions
# usage: latlon_to_grid(latitude, longitude, from_system, to_system)
# usage: grid_to_grid(easting, northing, zone, from_system, to_system)
# usage: grid_to_latlon(easting, northing, zone, from_system, to_system)
ntv2.latlon_to_grid(-27.4667, 153.0333, 'agd84', 'gda94')
ntv2.grid_to_grid(503395.5069452213, 6962048.068551116, 56, 'gda94', 'agd66')
ntv2.grid_to_grid(503290.6135552996, 6961862.07437364, 56, 'agd66', 'gda94')
ntv2.grid_to_grid(503395.50694522355, 6962048.068518826, 56, 'gda94', 'agd84')
ntv2.grid_to_latlon(503290.129362482, 6961860.764213287, 56, 'agd84', 'agd84')
# results:
# {'zone': 56, 'northing': 6962048.068551116, 'lat_trans_acc': 0.0037210114794467347, 'lon_trans_acc': 0.0021168627299100505, 'easting': 503395.5069452213}
# {'zone': 56, 'northing': 6961862.07437364, 'lat_trans_acc': 0.004446575198236321, 'lon_trans_acc': 0.003978726821685475, 'easting': 503290.6135552996}
# {'zone': 56, 'northing': 6962048.068518826, 'lat_trans_acc': 0.004446575213734464, 'lon_trans_acc': 0.003978726819093661, 'easting': 503395.50694522355}
# {'zone': 56, 'northing': 6961860.764213287, 'lat_trans_acc': 0.0037210114810668823, 'lon_trans_acc': 0.002116862746774709, 'easting': 503290.1293624824}
# {'lat_trans_acc': 0, 'lon_trans_acc': 0, 'latitude': -27.466700000583025, 'longitude': 153.0333000000002}

# Convert csv files
# usage: ntv2.convert_csv_file(from_system, to_system, input_file_path, output_file_path=None, output_format='', suppress_accuracy=False)
#           output_file_path    : Defaults to [input_file_name]_[to_system].csv
#           output_format       : Default is same as input
#           suppress_accuracy   : Set True to not print the accuracy values
#       returns True if output file written successfully
# any data that cannot be calculated is written as '***'. Some coordinates will not be able to be converted as they may be invalid data, or fall outside the grid file area.

Command line usage is very similar

# usage: --help
# usage: [input_type] [from_system] [to_system] {-variable_parameters}

Three positional arguments are required

positional arguments:
    {grid,latlon,file}      The type of conversion required where
                            grid   = Grid coordinate - Must provide EASTING, NORTHING and ZONE
                            latlon = Latitude and Longitude - Must provide LATITUDE and LONGITUDE in decimal degrees
                            file   = Convert all coordinates in input file - Must provide INPUT_FILE
    {agd66,agd84,gda94}     The coordinate system you wish to convert FROM
    {agd66,agd84,gda94}     The coordinate system you wish to convert TO

optional arguments:
    -h, --help              show this help message and exit
    -latitude LATITUDE, -a LATITUDE
                            Latitude in decimal degrees format e.g. -37.8136
    -longitude LONGITUDE, -o LONGITUDE
                            Longitude in decimal degrees format e.g. 144.9631
    -easting EASTING, -e EASTING
                            Easting in decimal format e.g. 320704.446
    -northing NORTHING, -n NORTHING
                            Northing in decimal format e.g. 5812911.7
    -zone ZONE, -z ZONE     Zone (integer)
    -input_file INPUT_FILE, -f INPUT_FILE
                            Full path to input file
    -output_file OUTPUT_FILE, -g OUTPUT_FILE
                            Full path to output file (defaults to [INPUT_FILE]_[TO_SYSTEM].csv
    -output_format {grid,latlon}, -p {grid,latlon}
                            Defaults to the same as the input format
    --suppress_accuracy     Conversion accuracies are not printed (default FALSE)
    -ntv2_file NTV2_FILE    Full path to ntv2 data file to use (instead of