The repository located here is a single monolitic Python file. This is not maintainable, and contians a tremendous amount of bugs. There was the need to export blender model to ogre from the console, thus I rewrote the whole script and split it into several files. It has been well tested on linux 64-bit and should work with others.

Additional Features

Take a look at the wiki for some advanced features.

  • Export SubEntity for a vertex group
  • Console Export
  • Already defined materials in OGRE

Download (Linux, Windows, OS X)

Download official releases or Get latest sources. The following versions of blender have been tested. It might also work with older versions of Blender.

  • Blender 2.75
  • Blender 2.71
  • Blender 2.66


This Blender addon was made possible by the following list of people. Anyone can contribute to the project by sending bug reports and feature requests here. Naturally the most welcome contribution is actual code via pull requests. If you are planning to implement something "big", it's a good practise to discuss it in the issue tracker first with other authors. So that there is no overlap with other developers or the overall roadmap.

Additionally the following companies have supportted/sponsored the development efforts.