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Christopher Deschauer created an issue


in the plugin documentation you say composer installcomposer require laravel/scout
My question 1: from within which directory should I issue this command? web root directory? Or /plugins/planetadeleste/scoutshopaholic ? Or some other directory? Or doesn’t this matter at all?

Then for Algolia you reference which instructs to issuecomposer require algolia/algoliasearch-client-php:^2.2
My question 2: From within which directory should this be issued?

For MySQL you say composer require yab/laravel-scout-mysql-driver
My question 3: From whithin which directory should this be issued

Question 4: Should all this work with the current build 469 of October CMS?

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  1. Alvaro Canepa repo owner

    Hi @Christopher Deschauer ,

    All composer commands must be runned in OC root folder, where composer.json and artisan are.

    This plugin isn’t tested in build 469.


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