Repo contains the domains, generators, and scripts in general for the inaugural edition of the unsolvability IPC.


  • Nir Lipovetzky (
  • Christian Muise (

Team Number -> Name

To simplify the evaluation scripts (which came before the team names were decided), each team was assigned a name as they came in. The following naming convention is used throughout the repository:

  • team1: ReachLunch
  • team2: iProverPlan
  • team3: SymPA
  • team4: M+S
  • team5: SimulatedDominance
  • team6: DECS
  • team7: Django
  • team8: CLone
  • team9: Aidos
  • team10: h++
  • team11: << a planner that did not compete >>
  • team12: DE-PDB
  • team13: blind


You can find the analysis of the competition data in the analysis directory. See for examples of how to invoke the analysis, and for the actual implementation.