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Release Schedule

v0.1.0 – July 1st 2019

  • This release fixes some bugs
  • It brings in the female avatar for Scenario 2 shoplifting
  • Scenario 2 can only show customized hair in animation (eye adjustments are ignored because current software architecture plus browser gets overloaded when loading complete feature combination files)
  • Allows for the running of experiment 3 (both scenarios in one)
  • Features automatic publishing of custom avatar feature variation files
  • Features automatic palettization
  • Features automatic translation of new Adobe Animate format javascript to become compatible with plea justice.

The completed milestone code is tagged in git with v0.1.0

v0.1.1 – July 29th 2019

  • Refactored application doesn't use separate feature variation files. All animations exist as single js files with eye and hair features that can be made visible or invisible via code (using a conditional if statements to turn features on and off).

v0.2.0 – August 30th, Testing: August 19th 2019

  • This release will support at least one experiment (randomized scenario order).
  • All features available for all avatar figures throughout scenarios.
    • For example, does Figure1 show custom eyes in Scenario 2?
  • The live server Qualtrics survey that begins and ends the experiment will have a unique version name & number
    • this unique version name & number will also be added to this wiki to associate it with release v0.2.0
    • All future releases must not break support for this experiment(s)
  • Defense attorney on for plea offers (instead of prosecutor)
  • All visual asset files will be under version control.
    • Gitlab w/Large File Storage (LFS) free account
  • Reduce number of JavaScript animation files by a factor of 9.