This is a quick & dirty hack, you've been warned!

This code assumes you:
- Are running on an OS that has 'lp' available (eg Linux / MacOS)
- Have a JIRA instance running with the Spartz Agile Scrum Cards Print plugin installed:
- The plugin has been configured with the correct margins suitable to print on Post-It Notes. The following configuration works for me:
    Sheet paper size: A4 - portrait
    Cards per sheet: 2 x 3
    Single card size: 77.0 x 77.0 millimetres
    Top margin:    15.0
    Bottom margin: 15.0
    Left margin:   15.0
    Right margin:  15.0
    Card margin unit: millimetres
    Summary text font size: 14
    Fields text font size: 12
- The following configuration changes have been made to grails-app/conf/Config.groovy
   jira.baseUrl - points to your JIRA instance - the name of your printer (you can get the correct name to use by running 'lpstat -p')
   jira.username / jira.password - these can either be set in Config.groovy or in ~/.postit-printer-config.groovy