ACPI (drivers) for plan9

1.apply this patch: http://plhk.ru/trash/acpi-v10.diff
2.rebuild libaml
3.rebuild kernel; install it and reboot with *acpi=2
4.build this
5.run ./acpi
6.look for ac and bat in /mnt/acpi
7.to make stats -b work mount your /mnt/acpi/bat0 (or whatever) at /mnt/apm
	bind -a /mnt/acpi/bat0 /mnt/apm
8.to enable cpu powerstates control (intel CPUs)
	1.find a line like this in /dev/kmesg: "smi_cmd: 0xb2 acpi_enable: 0xf0 pstate_cnt: 0x80"
	2.io -w $smi_cmd $pstate_cnt
	3.now you can write ctl value from /mnt/acpi/cpu0/powerstates for desired frequency to /mnt/acpi/cpu0/ctl:
		echo 0x7 > /mnt/acpi/cpu0/ctl
	4.check if it worked by doing cat /mnt/acpi/cpu0/status