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 = Table of Contents =
 * [[Home#!name|NAME]]
 * [[Home#!conkywx-weather-program-assistant|CONKYWX WEATHER PROGRAM ASSISTANT]]
 * [[Home#!config-file-options|CONFIG FILE OPTIONS]]
 * [[Home#!weather-data-elements-to-use-in-conkyrc-files|WEATHER DATA ELEMENTS TO USE IN CONKYRC FILES]]
-* [[Home#!description|DESCRIPTION]]
-* [[Home#!description|DESCRIPTION]]
-* [[Home#!description|DESCRIPTION]]
-* [[Home#!description|DESCRIPTION]]
-* [[Home#!description|DESCRIPTION]]
+* [[Home#!8-day-weather-condition-elements-including-today-high-and-low-temps|8 DAY WEATHER CONDITION ELEMENTS INCLUDING TODAY HIGH AND LOW TEMPS]]
+* [[Home#!forecast-trend-elements|FORECAST TREND ELEMENTS]]
+* [[Home#!files|FILES]]
+* [[Home#!examples|EXAMPLES]]
+* [[Home#!troubleshooting|TROUBLESHOOTING]]
+* [[Home#!bugs|BUGS]]
+* [[Home#!author|AUTHOR]]
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