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 For more see the conkyrc and template files in /usr/share/conkywx/examples directory.
+**Making Life Simpler**
+* We make a directory in your $HOME directory called conkyweather - you can call it what you like. This directory will look like /home/username/conkyweather or if you want in a bin subdirectory /home/username/bin/conkyweather
+* Copy the /usr/share/conkywx/examples directory and to conkyweather directory
+* In the there is a line #5 {{{ WX_DIR="/usr/share/conkywx"; export WX_DIR }}} - change this line so it looks like {{{ WX_DIR="$HOME/conkyweather"; export WX_DIR }}}. The path of conkyweather directory is placed as shown - if it is in a bin subdirectory your path will be {{{ WX_DIR="$HOME/bin/conkyweather"; export WX_DIR }}}
+* you can also copy the /etc/conkywx/conkywx.conf file to {{{ ~/.config/conkywx/ }}} directory and edit it as local user file.
+* Now you can play with the examples as you wish and change them to what you like.
+* Conkywx works in a certain way - forget how other weather programs work - just follow the examples.
 * As you will notice that for each -d data element you will need to state an **execpi** call - in other words for 20 data elements **execpi** will be executed 20 times - which will be slower in relative terms to a single call of **execpi** in -t template format. That is why templates are so much faster.
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