Author: @Lawrence Cherone

Plinker PHP RPC client/server makes it really easy to link and execute PHP component classes on remote systems, while maintaining the feel of a local method call.


  • Client <=> Server Encryption
  • Signed and authenticated payload packets
  • Call a components method or return an object or closure for local execution

For Example (Making a remote call)

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

 * Initialize plinker client.
 * @param string $url to host
 * @param string $component namespace of class to interface to
 * @param string $public_key to authenticate on host
 * @param string $private_key to authenticate on host
 * @param string $config component construct config
$plink = new Plinker\Core\Client(
        'time' => time()
echo '<pre>'.print_r($plink->test(), true).'</pre>';

then the server part...

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

 * POST Server Part
    $server = new Plinker\Core\Server(

Current Components:

  • Core - Required base component which contains the client and server. (Its all you need if you only want the client)
  • Redbean - RedBeanPHP component which will enable you to directly manage databases on remote sites.
  • Asterisk - An Asterisk component which hooks into the Asterisk Management Interface on remote systems.
  • System - A System component which gives you access to server information, execute commands and reboot.
  • Test - A Test component which simply returns back what you sent, for testing/example purposes.
  • ...

By taking a glance any of the components code, your see their really easy to create, there just objects.. you can return from the component any type of value likes an array from a SQL query, an object or closure you can even return its self return $this then execute the object locally.


    "require": {
        "plinker/core": ">=v0.1",
        "plinker/redbean": ">=v0.1",
        "plinker/asterisk": ">=v0.1",
        "plinker/system": ">=v0.1",
        "plinker/test": ">=v0.1"

Add "minimum-stability": "dev" to include the .git files for development.

*All repositories in this "team" are part of the plinker project and are treated as components. The composer shown above will contain all components for reference but you wont need to include them all if you don't need them in your project.