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mitsuhiko  committed 2352964

Config uses correct temp dir by default for database now.

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 del with_statement
 # temporary imports, delete at end of file
-import os, sys, solace
+import os, sys, solace, tempfile
 # propagate early.  That way we can import "from solace import settings"
 # when the settings is not yet set up.  This is needed because during
 PLATFORM = os.name
 #: the database URI
-if PLATFORM == 'nt':
-    DATABASE_URI = 'sqlite:///C:/Temp/solace.db'
-    DATABASE_URI = 'sqlite:////tmp/solace.db'
+DATABASE_URI = 'sqlite:///%s/solace.db' % tempfile.gettempdir()
 #: the title of the website
 WEBSITE_TITLE = _(u'Plurk Solace')
 if 'SOLACE_SETTINGS_FILE' in os.environ:
-del os, sys, solace
+del os, sys, solace, tempfile