Add OpenID Simple Registation extension to the OpenID Authentication

Issue #13 new
Damjan Georgievski
created an issue

When a new user authenticates with OpenID, Solace requires some registration info like a username and email. OpenID has a standard extension to provide this info (the "OpenID Simple Registation" extension).

With this patch, solace requests this info from the OpenID provider for new users, and pre-fills the registration form.

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  1. Damjan Georgievski reporter

    One more thing, on line 222 (after the patch is applied) when I check if the user is already registered (so that I skip the simple registration extension), I can't check identity_url as supplied by the user (she can supply it without http: for ex.). Instead, I need to check auth_request.endpoint.getDisplayIdentifier()

    So that whole line becomes: user = User.query.by_openid_login(auth_request.endpoint.getDisplayIdentifier()).first()

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