Plytix Retailers SDK for Python

The Plytix Retailers SDK for Python is a library designed to simplify the access to the Plytix Retailers API to applications developed in Python. The library gives you an easy way to manage your authentication and to consume the Retailers API services. Thanks to the Plytix Retailers SDK for Python, you can quickly integrate our platform in your site's back end.

You will find the all documentation and examples of how to use it at the Plytix for developers page.

Plytix Retailers SDK for Python is easy to use

from plytix.retailers.client import PlytixRetailersClient

client = PlytixRetailersClient('api-key', 'api-pwd')

Once you have the client, you can start to consume the Plytix Retailers API's services immediately. For example, you get a list of all sites you manage with:

sites = client.sites.list()
for site in sites:

Only a few lines are needed to get a list of the sites you manage at Plytix. Quick and easy.