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-% Geometry - Layout
-% Generally, it is considered a good practise to have no have more than 70 and
-% no less than 60 characters per line.  Text is more readable this way.
-% Since the number of characters per line depends both on the "length of the
-% lowercase alphabet" and the "\textwidth", you have to adjust the layout of the
-% page according to the font you use.
-% For measuring the font width you can see here:
-% http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/17399/measure-the-length-of-the-lowercase-alphabet
-% Once you know the "length of the lowercase alphabet", you can use the
-% following formula to determine the "correct" "\textwidth".
-% textwidth = 2.042 * alphabet_length + 33.41
-% For 12pt sized "Linux Libertine O" and "Minion Pro" textwidth of 335pt is the
-% "correct" value, but if you use this value with A4 papers then the margins are
-% very big. If you intend mail the cover letter by post you could consider using
-% b5paper which matches quite nicely.
-    a4paper,
-    xetex,
-% Hyperlinks
 % Dummy text
     %/enclosures/itemE={Item 5},

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 % Key definition