Panagiotis Mavrogiorgos avatar Panagiotis Mavrogiorgos committed e8f9524

* Changed the document class to scrartcl in order to allow various font sizes.
* Added comment with instructions for choosing the "correct" \textwidth.
* removed raggedright.

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 % Geometry - Layout
+% Generally, it is considered a good practise to have no have more than 70 and
+% no less than 60 characters per line.  Text is more readable this way.
+% Since the number of characters per line depends both on the "length of the
+% lowercase alphabet" and the "\textwidth", you have to adjust the layout of the
+% page according to the font you use.
+% For measuring the font width you can see here:
+% Once you know the "length of the lowercase alphabet", you can use the
+% following formula to determine the "correct" "\textwidth".
+% textwidth = 2.042 * alphabet_length + 33.41
+\usepackage[a4paper,xetex,width=335pt]{geometry} \usepackage{parskip}
 % fonts
 % Cover letter
-    /sender/Firstname=Charris,
+    /sender/Firstname=Charis,
     /sender/Title={Civil Engineer, M.Sc.},
     /sender/AddressA={Syntagma Sqr. 1},
-% If you want justified text just comment the following line
 % This is where your letter starts!
 Dear Sir or Madam
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