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panos mavrogiorgos  committed ca5532e

Removed argument 'ext' from 'create_pdf' function.

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     with open(name + ".tex", "w") as f:
-def create_pdf(ext, compiler, cwd, tikz_source_path, name):
+def create_pdf(compiler, cwd, tikz_source_path, name):
     Run XeLaTeX to the source file and copy it to the same folder as the tikz
     source code
         if tikz_source_path not in old or mod_time != old[tikz_source_path]:
             name = tikz_source_path.split(os.path.sep)[-1].replace("."+EXT, "")
             create_tex_file(MAIN_FILE, PREVIEW, cwd, tikz_source_path, name)
-            create_pdf(EXT, COMPILER, cwd, tikz_source_path, name)
+            create_pdf(COMPILER, cwd, tikz_source_path, name)
             # clean up code
             # The created extensions depend on the packages used in the preamble