Paul McLanahan avatar Paul McLanahan committed 53c4cbe

Updated some bash and hg stuff to be better and/or more compatible across machines.

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 #export PS1='$(hg_ps1)${GREEN}\u${D}@${ORANGE}\h${D}:${CYAN}\w${D}$ '
 export PS1='\[${GREEN}\]\u\[${D}\]@\[${ORANGE}\]\h\[${D}\]:\[${CYAN}\]\w\[${D}\]$ '
+if [ ! -z "$SCHROOT_SESSION_ID" ]; then
+    schroot_name=`echo $SCHROOT_SESSION_ID | awk -F - '{print $1}'`
+    PS1="[\[${RED}\]$schroot_name\[${D}\]]$PS1"
 # If this is an xterm set the title to user@host:dir
 case "$TERM" in
 # Welcome Message
 echo -e ""
 echo -ne "Today is "; date
-echo -e ""; cal;
-echo -ne "Up time: ";uptime | awk /'up/ {print $3,$4}'
+if [ -x /usr/bin/cal ]; then
+    echo -e ""; cal;
+echo -ne "Up time:"
 echo "";
 if [ -x /usr/games/fortune ]; then
 color =
 purge =
 bookmarks =
+hggit =
 rebase =
 mq =
 graphlog = 
 record =
 pager =
 extdiff =
+hgshelve = ~/.hgext/
 cmd.kdiff3 =
 diff.trailingwhitespace = white_background
-username = Paul McLanahan <>
+username = Paul McLanahan <>
 ssh = ssh -C
 ignore = ~/.hgignore
 editor = vim


+if [ -d /var/lib/gems/1.8/bin ]; then
+    PATH="${PATH}:/var/lib/gems/1.8/bin"
 export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun
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