Lennart Regebro avatar Lennart Regebro committed d720f19

Once the test is correctly setup, the problem actually goes away.

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 SETUP_PY = """\
 from setuptools import setup
+    packages=['name', 'name.space', 'name.space.tests'],
+    namespace_packages=['name'],
+    test_suite='name.space.tests.test_suite',
-NS_INIT = """try:
+NS_INIT = """
 except ImportError:
     from pkgutil import extend_path
         dist = Distribution(dict(
-            script_name='setup.py',
-            script_args=['bdist_egg'],
-            py_modules=['name'],
+            packages=['name', 'name.space', 'name.space.tests'],
+            use_2to3=True,
         dist.script_name = 'setup.py'
         cmd = test(dist)
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