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Fix for the fix

Sometimes I hate sphinx:
<a name="more"/> gets replaced with <a name="more"> --> does not work,
everything which follows gets underlined

<a name="more"></a> gets replaced with <a name="more"/> but the
Read More link will not be inserted

<a name="more"> </a> seems to work

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File tinkerer/ext/

     Create "read more" link if marker exists.
-    marker_more = '<a name="more"/>'
+    marker_more = '<a name="more"> </a>'
     pos = body.find(marker_more)
     if pos == -1:

File tinkerer/ext/

     def run(self):
-        return [nodes.raw("", '<a name="more"/>', format="html")] 
+        return [nodes.raw("", '<a name="more"> </a>', format="html")]