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The defs updated and the AppTickets now unregisted the controller on dealloc.
Also AppTickets should now cache info about notifications to lower the amount of data pushed through the NSDNS.

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 		CBBC7DE50659313D00684B79 = {
 			isa = PBXFileReference;
 			lastKnownFileType = text.plist.xml;
-			name = "Beep-Info.plist";
-			path = "/Users/karl/src/Growl/Beep-Info.plist";
-			refType = 0;
-			sourceTree = "<absolute>";
+			path = "Beep-Info.plist";
+			refType = 2;
+			sourceTree = SOURCE_ROOT;
 		CBBC7DFD065931A800684B79 = {
 			children = (
+				CBBC7E1D06593BFD00684B79,
-				CBBC7E1D06593BFD00684B79,
 			isa = PBXGroup;


 #pragma mark -
 - (void) registerParentForNotifications:(NSSet *) inSet;
+- (void) unregisterParentForNotifications:(NSArray *) inArray;
 //  Copyright (c) 2004 __MyCompanyName__. All rights reserved.
-// User Info Keys
+// User Info Keys For Registration
 #define GROWL_APP_NAME					@"ApplicationName"
 #define GROWL_NOTIFICATIONS_DEFAULT		@"DefaultNotifications"
 #define GROWL_NOTIFICATIONS_ALL			@"AllNotifications"
+// User Info Keys For Notifications
+#define GROWL_NOTIFICATION_TITLE		@"NotificationTitle"
+#define GROWL_NOTIFICATION_DESCRIPTION  @"NotificationDescription"
+#define GROWL_NOTIFICATION_ICON			@"NotificationIcon"
 // Notifications
 #define GROWL_APP_REGISTRATION			@"GrowlApplicationRegistrationNotification"
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