boredzo  committed 5e35b63

Fix build: NSAssert3 takes three formatter arguments, not four; there are four now, so we must use NSAssert4.

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File Plugins/Displays/GrowlDisplayPlugin.m

 		NSBundle *bundle = [NSBundle bundleForClass:[self class]];
 		NSString *queuesNotificationsObject = [bundle objectForInfoDictionaryKey:GrowlDisplayPluginInfoKeyUsesQueue];
 		if (queuesNotificationsObject) {
-			NSAssert3([queuesNotificationsObject respondsToSelector:@selector(boolValue)],
+			NSAssert4([queuesNotificationsObject respondsToSelector:@selector(boolValue)],
 					  @"object for %@ in Info.plist of %@ is a %@ and therefore has no Boolean value (description follows)\n%@",
 					  bundle, [queuesNotificationsObject class], queuesNotificationsObject);
 	NSString *windowNibName = [bundle objectForInfoDictionaryKey:GrowlDisplayPluginInfoKeyWindowNibName];
 	if (windowNibName) {
-		NSAssert3([windowNibName isKindOfClass:[NSString class]],
+		NSAssert4([windowNibName isKindOfClass:[NSString class]],
 				  @"object for %@ in Info.plist of %@ is a %@, not a string (description follows)\n%@",
 				  bundle, [windowNibName class], windowNibName);