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Replace `cp -R` with `svn export` for versioned originals (as opposed to originals in build folders).
Also removed one -R that didn't make sense, unless somebody decides to make readme.txt a directory.

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 # copy uninstaller
 $(GROWL_DIR)/Uninstall\ $(GROWL_DIR)
-	cp -R "Uninstall" $(GROWL_DIR)
+	svn export "Uninstall" $(GROWL_DIR)
 	/Developer/Tools/SetFile -a E "$@"
 # copy webloc files
 $(GROWL_DIR)/Extras/GrowlTunes/ $(GROWL_DIR)/Extras/GrowlTunes
 	cp -R $(GROWLTUNES_BUILD_DIR)/ $(GROWL_DIR)/Extras/GrowlTunes
 $(GROWL_DIR)/Extras/GrowlTunes/ReadMe.rtfd: $(GROWL_DIR)/Extras/GrowlTunes
-	cp -R $(SRC_DIR)/Extras/GrowlTunes/ReadMe.rtfd $(GROWL_DIR)/Extras/GrowlTunes
+	svn export $(SRC_DIR)/Extras/GrowlTunes/ReadMe.rtfd $(GROWL_DIR)/Extras/GrowlTunes
 copy-HardwareGrowler: $(GROWL_DIR)/Extras/HardwareGrowler
 $(GROWL_DIR)/Extras/HardwareGrowler: $(GROWL_DIR)/Extras
 	-sudo rm -rf $(BUILD_DIR)/GrowlSafari
 	rm -rf $(BUILD_DIR)/GrowlSafari-Resources
 $(GROWL_DIR)/Extras/GrowlSafari/README.txt: $(GROWL_DIR)/Extras/GrowlSafari
-	cp -R $(SRC_DIR)/Extras/GrowlSafari/README.txt $(GROWL_DIR)/Extras/GrowlSafari
+	cp $(SRC_DIR)/Extras/GrowlSafari/README.txt $(GROWL_DIR)/Extras/GrowlSafari
 # copy the SDK webloc files
 copy-sdk-weblocs: $(SDK_DIR)/Growl\ Developer\ Documentation.webloc $(SDK_DIR)/Growl\ version\ history\ for\ developers.webloc
 # copy the bindings
 $(SDK_DIR)/Bindings: $(SDK_DIR)
-	cp -R $(SRC_DIR)/Bindings $(SDK_DIR)
+	svn export $(SRC_DIR)/Bindings $(SDK_DIR)
 	@# remove the AppleScript binding
 	rm -rf $@/applescript
 	@# remove some symlinks