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boredzo  committed 93ef5f7

Fix detection of local changes and conflicts when svn:externals is in use.

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 all-withlocalchanges: assertnoconflicts updateversion-Growl updateversion-GrowlMail updateversion-GrowlSafari updateversion-GrowlTunes updateversion-HardwareGrowler compile-Growl compile-GrowlMail compile-GrowlSafari compile-growlnotify compile-HardwareGrowler compile-GrowlTunes release $(BUILD_DIR)/$(RELEASE_NAME).dmg $(BUILD_DIR)/$(RELEASE_NAME)-SDK.dmg source $(BUILD_DIR)/$(SRC_BUILD_DIR_FILENAME).tar.bz2
-	if [[ 0 -ne `svn st $(SRC_DIR) | wc -l` ]]; then \
+	if [[ 0 -ne `svn st $(SRC_DIR) | egrep -v '^X' | wc -l` ]]; then \
 		echo 'You have local changes. Please do not build releases from an unclean checkout. You must revert the changes, commit them, or check out another working copy and build from that.' 1>&2; \
 		exit 1; \
-	if [[ 0 -ne `svn st $(SRC_DIR) | egrep '^C' | wc -l` ]]; then \
+	if [[ 0 -ne `svn st $(SRC_DIR) | egrep '^[CX]' | wc -l` ]]; then \
 		echo 'You have conflicts in your checkout. You will not be able to build until these are resolved. Also, remember that even after you have fixed all conflict marks, you must use "svn resolved"; otherwise, svn will still believe the files are conflicted.' 1>&2; \
 		exit 2; \