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Added about the newly created Adium support, added other apps to the list of possible apps to work with

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 \f2\b Apps we want to integrate with before a 1.0
 \f3\b0 \
 	\'a5 Adium 
-\f4\fs48 \uc0\u9754 
-\fs24 \
+\f4\fs48 \
+\f3\fs24 \'a5 We now have basic adium support.
+\f4 \
 \f3 	\'a5 Colloquy\
 	\'a5 Possibly Fire 
 \f4 \uc0\u9745 \
+\f3 	\'a5 Possibly ShadowIRC\
+	\'a5 Possibly Snak
+\f4 \
 \f2\b After 1.0