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Peter Hosey  committed db33948 Merge

Not sure how I pulled this off, but I started a new branch that didn't have any of the 1.2.2 changes. Duhhhh. Merging.

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  • Branches maintenance-1.2
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File Core/Source/GrowlApplicationController.m

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 					[ticket setObject:appName forKey:GROWL_APP_NAME];
 				if ([GrowlApplicationTicket isValidTicketDictionary:ticket]) {
-					NSLog(@"Auto-discovered registration ticket in %@ (located at %@)", appName, appPath);
 					/* set the app's location in the dictionary, avoiding costly
 					 *	lookups later.

File Extras/GrowlMail/Info.plist

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+		<string>B842F7D0-4D81-4DDF-A672-129CA5B32D57</string>
+		<string>E71BD599-351A-42C5-9B63-EA5C47F7CE8E</string>