Peter Hosey avatar Peter Hosey committed e423155

Robustify against tickets containing bundle IDs that aren't strings.

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 		appName = [getObjectForKey(ticketDict, GROWL_APP_NAME) retain];
 		appId = [getObjectForKey(ticketDict, GROWL_APP_ID) retain];
+		if (appId && ![appId isKindOfClass:[NSString class]]) {
+			NSLog(@"Ticket for application %@ contains invalid bundle ID %@! Rejecting.", appName, appId);
+			[self release];
+			return nil;
+		}
 		humanReadableNames = [[ticketDict objectForKey:GROWL_NOTIFICATIONS_HUMAN_READABLE_NAMES] retain];
 		notificationDescriptions = [[ticketDict objectForKey:GROWL_NOTIFICATIONS_DESCRIPTIONS] retain];
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