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Code Signing Issue

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Do we have a cert/pk pair or a workaround for this? I can't successfully build it under xCode 4.2. I am in the process of making it build cleanly with 4.2 but this is blocking the build process.



Code Sign error: The identity 'Growl code-signing certificate' doesn't match any valid certificate/private key pair in the default keychain }}}

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  1. Anonymous

    There were some similar problems that I had under XCode 4.1 which I fixed by simply disabling the code signing functionality. I'll try to go in and assure that everything builds under 4.2 later today.

  2. Perry Metzger repo owner

    Hey, I just checked by doing an "sh build.sh" under 4.2 and I didn't get any problem with the code signing. Could you tell me exactly what is triggering the failure? Maybe it is a BUILDCONFIGURATION other than "Release" that I screwed up?

  3. lanavelino reporter

    I'm doing make on the Release folder instead of manually triggering build.sh. I'll try that. Make however fails on compile-growl on the GrowlHelperApp Target. See attached.

  4. lanavelino reporter

    Err, I didn't have code signing errors now from "sh build.sh". Just a bunch of Base SDK mismatch that is trivial. It's good though that other targets build even if there are errors unlike make on Release.

  5. Perry Metzger repo owner

    Doing "make" in the release folder is the right way to build a new release, but I didn't notice the problems because I've been mostly triggering builds other ways. I'm going to have a look at what is wrong.

  6. Perry Metzger repo owner

    Your commits are on the default branch. That's not the branch development is on. (I admit that I should probably pull up the development branch to the default branch, but for the moment, that's the branch we're working on.) If you switch to the fork-1.2 branch, per the README file, you should be able to build successfully.

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