growl / Docs / Makefile

# In order to generate the HTML documentation, xsltproc and the DocBook DTDs and
# XSL stylesheets need to be installed. The PDFs additionally require fop.
# Those packages can be installed via fink:
#   fink install libxslt docbook-dtd docbook-xsl fop

all: html documentation.pdf documentation-a4.pdf

html: documentation.xml
	mkdir -p output
	xsltproc --stringparam base.dir output/ --stringparam yes --stringparam chunker.output.encoding UTF-8 --stringparam chunker.output.indent yes --stringparam yes --stringparam html.stylesheet ../style.css /sw/share/xml/xsl/docbook-xsl/xhtml/chunk.xsl documentation.xml

pdf: documentation.pdf documentation-a4.pdf

	fop -fo -pdf documentation.pdf

	fop -fo -pdf documentation-a4.pdf documentation.xml
	xsltproc --output --stringparam fop.extensions 1 /sw/share/xml/xsl/docbook-xsl/fo/docbook.xsl documentation.xml documentation.xml
	xsltproc --output --stringparam fop.extensions 1 --stringparam paper.type A4 /sw/share/xml/xsl/docbook-xsl/fo/docbook.xsl documentation.xml

	rm -rf output
	rm -f documentation.pdf documentation-a4.pdf