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Compatibility layer for cmdutil.UnknownCommand in Mercurial 0.9.3.

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     findcmd.findcmd = cmdutil.findcmd
     findcmd.__doc__ = cmdutil.findcmd.__doc__
+    findcmd.UnknownCommand = cmdutil.UnknownCommand
 except AttributeError:
     findcmd.findcmd = commands.findcmd
     findcmd.__doc__ = commands.findcmd.__doc__
+    findcmd.UnknownCommand = commands.UnknownCommand
 # For backwards compatibility, find the parseurl() function that splits
 # urls and revisions.  Mercurial 0.9.3 doesn't have this, so we need
                                     + cmd_options(ui, 'fetch',
                                     _('hg ffetch [OPTION]... [SOURCE]'))})
-    except cmdutil.UnknownCommand:
+    except findcmd.UnknownCommand:
 commands.norepo += " fclone fseed"
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