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hg fupdate works again with legacy snapfiles.

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     if revs is None:
+    if not hasattr(revs, '__iter__'):
+        revs = [revs]
     for strrev in revs:
             intrev = int(strrev)
                 ui.warn(_("warning: %s\n") % err)
                 raise err
+    if snapfile is None:
         snapfile = opts['snapfile']
         opts['rev'] = revision
-    tip = opts['tip']
-    opts['rev'] = [opts['rev']]
     forest = Forest(top=top, snapfile=snapfile,
                     walkhg=walkhgenabled(ui, opts['walkhg']))
             rev = opts['rev'] or None
             rev = None
-        if type(rev) is str:
-            rev = rev
-        elif rev:
-            rev = rev[0]
+        if hasattr(rev, '__iter__'):
+            rev = rev[-1]
             if rev is not None:
                 commands.update(ui, tree.getrepo(ui),
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