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Regroup all ConfigParser dependent code before refactoring

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             """Mercurial <= 0.9.3 doesn't have this feature."""
             return url, (revs or None)
 # For backwards compatibility, find the HTTP protocol.
 if not hasattr(hgweb, 'protocol'):
     hgweb.protocol = hgweb.hgweb_mod.hgweb
+ConfigError = ConfigParser.Error
+class SnapshotError(ConfigParser.NoSectionError):
+    pass
+def readconfig(path):
+    cfg = ConfigParser.RawConfigParser()
+    if not[path]):
+        return None
+    return cfg
 def cmd_options(ui, cmd, remove=None, table=commands.table):
     aliases, spec = findcmd(ui, cmd, table)
     res = list(spec[1])
     This data structure describes the Forest contained within the
     current repository.  It contains a list of Trees that describe
     each sub-repository.
-    """
-    class SnapshotError(ConfigParser.NoSectionError):
-        pass
+    """    
     class Tree(object):
         """Describe a local sub-repository within a forest."""
         if not toppath:
             toppath = "."
-        cfg = ConfigParser.RawConfigParser()
-        if not[snapfile]):
+        cfg = readconfig(snapfile)
+        if not cfg:
             raise util.Abort("%s: %s" % (snapfile, os.strerror(errno.ENOENT)))
         seen_root = False
         sections = {}
         if not seen_root:
-            raise Forest.SnapshotError("Could not find 'root = .' in '%s'" %
-                                       snapfile)
+            raise SnapshotError("Could not find 'root = .' in '%s'" %
+                                snapfile)
         self.trees = sections.values()
         self.trees.sort(key=(lambda tree: tree.root))
     snapfile = None
     if revision:
-        cp = ConfigParser.RawConfigParser()
-            if[revision]):
+            if readconfig(revision):
                 # Compatibility with old 'hg fupdate SNAPFILE' syntax
                 snapfile = revision
-        except Exception, err:
-            if isinstance(err, ConfigParser.Error):
-                ui.warn(_("warning: %s\n") % err)
-            else:
-                raise err
+        except ConfigError, err:
+            ui.warn(_("warning: %s\n") % err)
     if snapfile is None:
         snapfile = opts['snapfile']
         opts['rev'] = revision
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