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Make fetch detection more reliable.

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             return url, (revs or None)
-def cmd_options(ui, cmd, remove=None):
-    aliases, spec = findcmd(ui, cmd, commands.table)
+def cmd_options(ui, cmd, remove=None, table=commands.table):
+    aliases, spec = findcmd(ui, cmd, table)
     res = list(spec[1])
     if remove is not None:
         res = [opt for opt in res
         cmdtable.update({"ffetch": (fetch,
                                     [walkhgopts, snapfileopts]
                                     + cmd_options(ui, 'fetch',
-                                                  remove=('bundle',)),
+                                                  remove=('bundle',),
+                                                  table=hgext.fetch.cmdtable),
                                     _('hg ffetch [OPTION]... [SOURCE]'))})
     except findcmd.UnknownCommand:
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