Permission denied when cloning forest-crew repos,

Issue #12 resolved
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I try to clone the ForestExtension using: hg clone (and also hg clone ssh://

But both commands did not succeed, and the error is: abort: Access is denied: hgforest-crew (or with ssh: remote: Permission denied)

Could you please help solving it? Thank you, -Nhan

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  1. Patrick Mézard repo owner

    Strange, this exact command works for me, even when disabling authentication:

    $ hg clone certificate not verified (check web.cacerts config setting)
    destination directory: hgforest-crew
    requesting all changes
    adding changesets
    adding manifests
    adding file changes
    added 105 changesets with 156 changes to 7 files
    updating to branch default
    7 files updated, 0 files merged, 0 files removed, 0 files unresolved
  2. ndnhan


    Thanks for the response. But I still cannot clone it from the repos. Therefore, I've sent you a personal message to request for a copy of Forest Extension.

    Best regards, /Nhan

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