Anonymous committed bd79b42

CPP: Fix compilation error with -DUSE_GOOGLE_BASE

This removes the Chromium-specific (outdated) Logger interface from
The return type of set_logger_impl() differed from the one in logger.h (changed
in r430) which produced a compilation error in when
set_logger_impl() is used as a right value.

Logger, defined in logger.h is now used in all cases.

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+#include "phonenumbers/logger.h"
 namespace i18n {
 namespace phonenumbers {
-// There is no Logger in the new base implementation - provide a NOP one.
-class Logger {
- public:
-  Logger() {}
-  virtual ~Logger() {}
-  static void set_logger_impl(Logger*) {}
 // If Google base/ is used, LOG() and VLOG() from base/logging.h are used
 // therefore the default logger implementation (StdoutLogger) instantiated in
-// phonenumberutil will actually never be used. Thus provide a dummy
-// implementation of this logger.
-class StdoutLogger : public Logger {
- public:
-  virtual ~StdoutLogger() {}
-  virtual void WriteLevel() {}
-  virtual void WriteMessage(const string& /* msg */) {}
+// phonenumberutil will actually never be used.
+typedef NullLogger StdoutLogger;
 }  // namespace phonenumbers
 }  // namespace i18n
 #include <sstream>
 #include <string>
-#include "phonenumbers/logger.h"
 using std::string;
 using std::stringstream;
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