libphonenumber-csharp / cpp / src / phonenumbers / geocoding / area_code_map.h

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File cpp/src/phonenumbers/geocoding/area_code_map.h

 using std::map;
 using std::string;
-class AreaCodeMapStorageStrategy;
+class DefaultMapStorage;
 class PhoneNumber;
 class PhoneNumberUtil;
+struct PrefixDescriptions;
 // A utility that maps phone number prefixes to a string describing the
 // geographical area the prefix covers.
   // description is not available in the current language an empty string is
   // returned. If no description was found for the provided number, null is
   // returned.
-  const string* Lookup(const PhoneNumber& number) const;
+  const char* Lookup(const PhoneNumber& number) const;
   // Creates an AreaCodeMap initialized with area_codes. Note that the
   // underlying implementation of this method is expensive thus should
   // not be called by time-critical applications.
   // area_codes maps phone number prefixes to geographical area description.
-  void ReadAreaCodeMap(const map<int, string>& area_codes);
+  void ReadAreaCodeMap(const PrefixDescriptions* descriptions);
-  AreaCodeMapStorageStrategy* CreateDefaultMapStorage() const;
   // Does a binary search for value in the provided array from start to end
   // (inclusive). Returns the position if {@code value} is found; otherwise,
   // returns the position which has the largest value that is less than value.
   int BinarySearch(int start, int end, int64 value) const;
   const PhoneNumberUtil& phone_util_;
-  scoped_ptr<const AreaCodeMapStorageStrategy> storage_;
+  scoped_ptr<const DefaultMapStorage> storage_;