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libphonenumber-csharp / csharp / README.txt

PhoneNumbers C# Library

This is a C# port of libphonenumber, originally from:

Original Java code is Copyright (C) 2009-2011 Google Inc.

Project Layout

The project is a copy of the original libphonenumber with C# code
added in csharp/ root directory. The intent is to keep pulling from
the main repository and update the C# port accordingly.

  NUnit and Google.ProtoBuffersLite binaries

  Port of libphonenumber Java library

  Port of libphonenumber Java tests in NUnit format.


Open csharp/PhoneNumbers.sln VS2008 solution file to get an overview
of the code. "Build All" should put the libraries at the usual places.

Running Tests

To run the tests, either use a GUI tool or download NUnit binaries from:


Extract the executables and add the following invocation to
PhoneNumbers.Test Debug panel:

* Start external program: C:\path\to\nunit-console.exe
* Command line arguments: PhoneNumbers.Test.dll /wait /run:PhoneNumbers.Test

Then run PhoneNumbers.Test, the test console window should appear and
the tests run.

Known Issues

- TestEqualWithItalianLeadingZeroSetToDefault is currently disabled as
  generated classes Equals() method does not exist on their related

- Check all Equals call sites

- PhoneNumberOfflineGeocoder always return country English names as I
  have found no way to get localized name in .Net.

- PhoneNumberOfflineGeocoder may raise InvalidArgException() for some
  inputs as .Net does not support all current country codes in
  RegionInfo constructor. For instance RegionType("BS") for Bahamas
  fails for me.

- Phone numbers metadata is read from XML files and not protocol
  buffers one. I could not make it work using protobuf-csharp
  library. On the other hand, it makes one less dependency.

- Restore the Java logging calls?
- Find a suitable replace for Java CharSequence in phone numbers parsing API.