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lf_export: Use pg_dump and psql instead of createdb to copy database

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 echo "Dropping database \"$EXPORT_DBNAME\" if existent..."
 dropdb "$EXPORT_DBNAME" 2> /dev/null
 echo "Copying database \"$1\" to new database \"$EXPORT_DBNAME\"..."
-if createdb -T "$1" "$EXPORT_DBNAME"
+# TODO: use character encoding of original database
+if (createdb "$EXPORT_DBNAME" && pg_dump "$1" | psql -f - "$EXPORT_DBNAME" > /dev/null)
   echo "Deleting private data in copied database..."
   if psql -v ON_ERROR_STOP=1 -c 'SELECT delete_private_data()' "$EXPORT_DBNAME" > /dev/null
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