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Added missing HTML encoding for page titles (security fix!)

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 local search_for = param.get("search_for", atom.string) or "global"
 local search_string = param.get("search", atom.string)
-slot.put_into("title", _("Search results for: '#{search}'", { search  = search_string }))
+slot.put_into("title", encode.html(_("Search results for: '#{search}'", { search  = search_string })))
 if search_for == "global" or search_for == "member" then


 local member = Member:by_id(param.get_id())
-slot.put_into("title", _("Member name history for '#{name}'", { name = }))
+slot.put_into("title", encode.html(_("Member name history for '#{name}'", { name = })))"actions", function(){


 config.app_name = "LiquidFeedback"
-config.app_version = "beta13"
+config.app_version = "beta14"
 config.app_title = config.app_name .. " (" .. request.get_config_name() .. " environment)"
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