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   --with-xml              whether to use libxml2 (default = YES)
     This option is useful only for development, to test how medit works in absense
     of libxml2. libxml2 is required for syntax highlighting, so you most likely
-    do not want to use this option.
+    do not want to use this option (if it works at all).
-  --with-pygtk            whether to compile pygtk support (default = YES)
+  --with-fam              whether to use FAM (or gamin) for file monitoring
+                          (default = NO)
+    FAM seems to work well, but gamin seems to be much less stable. This option
+    is not recommended if FAM is provided by gamin on your system.
   --with-python           whether to compile python support (default = YES)
-    These two options tell whether pygtk bindings should be built. If medit is built
-    without python, then python plugins (builtin terminal in particular) will not
-    be available.
+    This option tells whether pygtk bindings should be built. If medit is built
+    without python, then python plugins (builtin terminal and project support in
+    particular) will not be available.
   --with-custom-codegen   whether to use custom copy of pygtk codegen (default
                           = yes with pygtk-2.8)
     or if installed version of the library doesn't have unicode support (this is
     the case with default FreeBSD port), included copy will be built.
-  --with-mooterm          whether to build terminal
+  --without-mooterm       whether to disable builtin terminal (default = NO)
     Use this option if you want builtin terminal (it also requires python).
+  --without-mooapp
+  --without-mooedit
+    These two options are useful only when building standalone libmoo library,
+    and may not be used with medit.
 Defaults for all the options are chosen in such a way that you do not need to
 use them. Only in case of problem they may be needed.
+For better bug report information and backtraces, configure medit
+as follows:
+./configure --enable-debug CFLAGS=-g ...
+--enable-debug makes medit spit out lot of debugging information
+to console, which can be useful to trace bugs. CFLAGS=-g is mandatory
+for getting a usable backtrace in case of a crash.
+libmoo installation
+In addition to options described above, the following may be used to build
+a standalone libmoo library or python extension module:
+  --disable-medit         do not build and install medit
+  --enable-libmoo         actually build and install
+  --enable-libmoo-headers install libmoo headers
+  --enable-moo-module     build and install moo python module
+    The python module is installed whenever libmoo is built, but it
+    can be also built as a big standalone module which doesn't require
+    libmoo to be installed.
 Installation Instructions
+2007-01-20  Yevgen Muntyan  <>
+    * === Released 0.8.1 ===
+    Added syntax highlighting for pkgconfig, libtool, dpatch, dtd.
+    Improved highlighting for shell, python, desktop, m4, xml.
+    Improved compiler and python output views.
+    Added simple python project type.
+    Made Alt-<number> shortcuts switch tabs (stonecrest).
+    All filter settings matching given filename are applied now,
+    in order they are specified, so it's easy to set settings
+    for a folder or single glob, and then tweak them for individual
+    files.
+    Added character encoding selectors to Open and Save dialogs.
+    File permissions are now preserved when using Save As.
+    Input fifo's are created in a separate subdirectory of /tmp,
+    to pollute it less.
+    Windows build uses mime types database from
+    now.
+    Implemented folder watching on windows: file selector updates
+    automatically when folder content changes.
+    Drag'n'drop in file selector works with Go to Current Doc Folder button.
+    Added bunch of tools for LaTeX documents.
 2006-11-30  Yevgen Muntyan  <>
     * === Released 0.8.0 ===
 using bug base, or have any questions/comments/beer.
 medit IRC channel is #medit at
+Provide information available from menu Help > System Info
+along with bug report. See also INSTALL file for instructions on how to
+build medit for better debugging information.
 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <medit-project version="1.0" type="C" name="moo">
- <active>debug</active>
+ <active>optimized</active>
   <compile>cd $(builddir) &amp;&amp; $(make) $(base).lo</compile>
- <file_selector_dir>/home/muntyan/projects/moo/moo/moopython/plugins/pyproject/mprj/</file_selector_dir>
+ <file_selector_dir>/home/muntyan/projects/moo/</file_selector_dir>
   <args>--g-fatal-warnings --new-app --mode=project</args>