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Releasing 0.6.99

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+2006-05-26  Yevgen Muntyan  <>
+    * === Released 0.6.99 ===
 2006-05-22  Yevgen Muntyan  <>
     Added Open With submenu in file selector popup menu.
+2006-05-26  Yevgen Muntyan  <>
+    * === Released 0.6.99 ===
+    Added Open With submenu in file selector popup menu.
+    Fixed bug with per-language settings lost on save.
+    Added document list menu in editor windows.
+    Fixed crash on paste from another application.
+    Improved entry completion behaviour.
+    Improved python plugin.
+    Updated printing code for changes in gtk api.
+    Fixed file selector background bug.
+    There is a single win32 installer now, and medit picks up python if it's present
+    on startup: medit is not linked to pythonxx.dll, python support has been moved
+    into pymo2x plugins.
+    Bug fixes.
 2006-05-04  Yevgen Muntyan  <>
     * === Released 0.6.98 ===
 file in this distribution for complete text of the license.
 The web site is:
 releases are located at:
 Report bugs and file feature requests in medit bug base at
- .
+ .
 You can also send email to if you don't feel like
 using bug base, or have any questions/comments/beer.
 medit IRC channel is #medit at
 medit sources are tracked using mercurial, therefore there is no
 CVS or SVN access. You may browse medit repository online at
 To check out a copy of medit repository, install mercurial, and do
-hg clone .
+hg clone .
 This will create a new directory named 'moo' with medit sources inside.
 To update them later on, do
 hg pull; hg update