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NEWS for 0.8.3

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+2007-04-06  Yevgen Muntyan  <>
+    * === Released 0.8.3 ===
+    French translation by Collilieux.
+    Finally made tools written in Python work.
+    Fixed Stop button in replace confirmation dialog.
+    Number following colon after filename on command line is treated as line number,
+    e.g. 'medit /home/user/foo:134'.
+    File selector fixes:
+      Use exo-open when running on XFCE.
+      Correctly determine mime type of backup files and text files.
+      Executable files do not get passed to gnome-open and alike, so they are not
+      executed on double-click.
+      Improved performance and memory consumption.
+    Improved syntax highlighting: C, C++, po, gtk-doc, Makefile,
 2007-02-03  Yevgen Muntyan  <>
     * === Released 0.8.2 ===
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