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General Information

medit is a GTK text editor. Started as an editor component of GGAP
(, it grew up to a real full-featured
text editor.

medit is free software, released under GNU GPL license. See COPYING
file in this distribution for complete text of the license.

The web site is:
releases are located at:


See INSTALL file in this distribution.

Bug reports and contact

Report bugs and file feature requests in medit bug base at .
You can also send email to if you don't feel like
using bug base, or have any questions/comments/beer.
medit IRC channel is #medit at


medit sources are tracked using mercurial, therefore there is no
CVS or SVN access. You may browse medit repository online at
To check out a copy of medit repository, install mercurial, and do
hg clone .
This will create a new directory named 'moo' with medit sources inside.
To update them later on, do
hg pull; hg update
in this directory.


If you are wondering why medit is written, there are two answers:
1) It wasn't a decision to write a text editor. It happened during
more than one year of GGAP development. And no, there is no usable
GTK text editor component.
2) Try it: if you like it, you know why. If you don't like it, ask
vim/emacs guys why don't they use emacs/vim.