moo-poelzi / ChangeLog

2006-05-04  Yevgen Muntyan  <>

    * === Released 0.6.97 ===

    meit now uses system pcre library if present; FAM support is disabled.

    Finally fixed window icon bug.
    Allow adding tools into different menus.
    Added gnuplot syntax highlighting.
    Fixed python output pane: it now jumps to correct line in error
    messages, and it uses Stop button.
    Added gui for setting per-language settings in Preferences dialog.
    Dropping a file into the text area opens file now, instead of pasting uri.
    "medit filename" from command line creates new file if the argument is not
    an existing file.

2006-04-30  Yevgen Muntyan  <>

    * === Released 0.6.96 ===

    Fixed bugs:
        Build problems on AMD64 - David Hough.
        Missing #include <time.h> - Nick Treleaven, David Hough.
        Problem with hidden toolbar showing up anyway - Andrey Fedoseev.
        Missing window icon - Andrey Fedoseev.

2006-04-30  Yevgen Muntyan  <>

    * === Released 0.6.95 ===

    Greatly improved syntax highlighting, zillion fixes.

2006-04-20  Yevgen Muntyan  <>

    * === Released 0.6.9 ===

    User-defined completion, tools, and context menus.

2006-04-09  Yevgen Muntyan  <>

    * === Released 0.6.8 ===

    Finally unbroke windows terminal, and finally fixed
    bug with terminal eating 100% of cpu time.

    Active strings, user-defined commands:
        Added support for python scripts and shell commands.

2006-04-06  Yevgen Muntyan  <>

    * === Released 0.6.7 ===

    Reverted changes in windows terminal.

2006-04-06  Yevgen Muntyan  <>

    * === Released 0.6.6 ===

    Lot of bugs fixed, lot of bugs introduced.

        Made quick search work.
        Line ends type is detected automatically, and
        used when saving file.

2006-03-29  Yevgen Muntyan  <>

    * === Released 0.6.5 ===

    0.6.4 is broken

2006-03-29  Yevgen Muntyan  <>

    * === Released 0.6.4 ===

	Implemented printing for gtk-2.10.

	Rewritten drawing.

	Made it work (to some extent) on windows.

2006-03-15  Yevgen Muntyan  <>

    * === Released 0.6.3 ===

    Added customizable menus, with user-defined actions using MooScript.

        Fixed input pipe eating all cpu time.
        Use recursive g_remove on windows for removing directories, to avoid
        shell api asking user if he wants t remove temporary directory.
        Custom About dialog.

        Reenabled force-tag-redraw hack in highlighter, due to GTK bug.
        Fixed unreal slowness of highlighting matching brackets.

        Made moo_term_get_selection_bounds() public.

        Unbroke get_parent_folder

    Python module:
        Made moo module behave like a package.
        Made atributes of TermIter and TermTextAttr writable.
        Added file-like objects which use g_print* for sys.stdout and sys.stderr.