moo-poelzi / NEWS

2006-08-23  Yevgen Muntyan  <>
    * === Released 0.7.0 ===

    New features and impovements:
        New and improved user-defined tools.
        Much improved Find plugin.
        I18n infrastructure is in place (no translations yet).
        Reworked plugin system.
        Experimental project plugin.
        Printing with gtk-2.10.

        Made it possible to blacklist certain extensions, so no language
        is picked up for them.
        Added New File action in file selector.
        Made displayed tab width configurable.
        Close editor tabs by middle mouse button click (Thomas Gilgin).
        Made font selectors show only monospace fonts.
        Find Current Word action (Thomas Gilgin).
        Improved terminal drawing.
        Prettified python console (Geoffrey French).

    Disabled active strings and completion in this version, they will
    be reenabled and made actually useful in next releases.

    Bug fixes include:
        Fixed bug with simultaneous dragging icon and reordering tabs in notebook.
        On opening files prefer locale encoding to builtin ones (Thomas Gilgin).
        Do not try to open special files both on windows and unix.
        Fix startup notification protocol handling, so the editor does not steal
        focus when using single instance mode and does pop up on correct desktop
        when needed.
        Color scheme setting applied after opening a document (Thomas Gilgin).
        Custom shortcuts did not get saved under certain conditions.
        Fixed tab icon dnd which caused input lock in child windows.
        Fixed bug in Search/Replace when replacement uses back references.
        Store clipboard contents on quit (Thomas Gilgin).
        Fixed crash on paste from another application.
        Save search history and search options (Thomas Gilgin).

2006-05-26  Yevgen Muntyan  <>
    * === Released 0.6.99 ===

    Added Open With submenu in file selector popup menu.
    Fixed bug with per-language settings lost on save.
    Added document list menu in editor windows.
    Fixed crash on paste from another application.
    Improved entry completion behaviour.
    Improved python plugin.
    Updated printing code for changes in gtk api.
    Fixed file selector background bug.
    There is a single win32 installer now, and medit picks up python if it's present
    on startup: medit is not linked to pythonxx.dll, python support has been moved
    into pymo2x plugins.
    Improved build infrastructure (Andreas Hanke).
    Bug fixes.

2006-05-04  Yevgen Muntyan  <>

    * === Released 0.6.98 ===

    Added printing support for gtk-2.9.
        Printing support in gtk is not stable yet, and will likely change
        in future, therefore printing in medit must be explicitely enabled by
        --enable-printing argument to configure.
    Fixed drawing bug when opening big files.
    Made window panes save their position after changing it by drag-n-drop.
    Build fixes on AMD Linux, other bug fixes.

2006-05-04  Yevgen Muntyan  <>

    * === Released 0.6.97 ===

    medit now uses system pcre library if present; FAM support is disabled.

    Allow adding tools into different menus.
    Added gnuplot syntax highlighting.
    Fixed python output pane: it now jumps to correct line in error
    messages, and it uses Stop button.
    Added gui for setting per-language settings in Preferences dialog.
    Dropping a file into the text area opens file now, instead of pasting uri.
    "medit filename" from command line creates new file if the argument is not
    an existing file.

2006-04-30  Yevgen Muntyan  <>

    * === Released 0.6.96 ===

    Fixed bugs:
        Build problems on AMD64 - David Hough.
        Missing #include <time.h> - Nick Treleaven, David Hough.
        Problem with hidden toolbar showing up anyway - Andrey Fedoseev.
        Missing window icon - Andrey Fedoseev.

2006-04-30  Yevgen Muntyan  <>

    * === Released 0.6.95 ===

    Greatly improved syntax highlighting, zillion fixes.

2006-04-20  Yevgen Muntyan  <>

    * === Released 0.6.9 ===

    User-defined completion, tools, and context menus.

2006-04-09  Yevgen Muntyan  <>

    * === Released 0.6.8 ===

    Finally unbroke windows terminal, and finally fixed
    bug with terminal eating 100% of cpu time.

    Active strings, user-defined commands:
        Added support for python scripts and shell commands.

2006-04-06  Yevgen Muntyan  <>

    * === Released 0.6.7 ===

    Reverted changes in windows terminal.

2006-04-06  Yevgen Muntyan  <>

    * === Released 0.6.6 ===

    Lot of bugs fixed, lot of bugs introduced.

        Made quick search work.
        Line ends type is detected automatically, and
        used when saving file.

2006-03-29  Yevgen Muntyan  <>

    * === Released 0.6.5 ===

    0.6.4 is broken

2006-03-29  Yevgen Muntyan  <>

    * === Released 0.6.4 ===

        Implemented printing for gtk-2.10.

        Rewritten drawing.

        Made it work (to some extent) on windows.

2006-03-15  Yevgen Muntyan  <>

    * === Released 0.6.3 ===

    Added customizable menus, with user-defined actions using MooScript.

        Fixed input pipe eating all cpu time.
        Use recursive g_remove on windows for removing directories, to avoid
        shell api asking user if he wants t remove temporary directory.
        Custom About dialog.

        Reenabled force-tag-redraw hack in highlighter, due to GTK bug.
        Fixed unreal slowness of highlighting matching brackets.

        Made moo_term_get_selection_bounds() public.

        Unbroke get_parent_folder

    Python module:
        Made moo module behave like a package.
        Made atributes of TermIter and TermTextAttr writable.
        Added file-like objects which use g_print* for sys.stdout and sys.stderr.