moo-poelzi / NEWS

2007-07-31  Yevgen Muntyan  <>
    * === Released 0.8.9 ===

    Russian translation by Andrey Fedoseev.
    Spanish translation by Arnau Sanchez.

    Added a setting to disable sessions (Joris_M).
    Added a setting to draw right margin in text, as in gedit.
    Unbroke loading old lang files.
    Fixed some bugs in notebook tabs drawing.
    Re-added --with-broken-gtk-theme configure option for Suse.
    Do not ignore displayed tab width when printing.
    Worked around crash with Export as PDF and gtk-2.10.

    New and improved syntax highlighting:
        c, css, pkgconfig.

2007-07-10  Yevgen Muntyan  <>
    * === Released 0.8.8 ===

    New command-line option --app-name: instances with different names
    do not share sessions, and --app-name works as --pid argument when
    an instance with given name is already running.
    Added hidden setting for width of displayed Tab characters.
    Fixed theming bug in the paned widget.
    Improved Preferences dialog.
    Updated German translation (Christian Dywan).

    New and improved syntax highlighting:
        ada, awk, c, changelog, cpp, haskell, html, java, lua, m4,
        objc, ocl, ruby, scheme, sh.

2007-06-24  Yevgen Muntyan  <>
    * === Released 0.8.7 ===

    Implemented session support.
    Use xdg-open to open files from file selector.
    Fixed build on darwin.
    Added translation for language files.

    Changed license of almost everything to LGPL.

2007-06-14  Yevgen Muntyan  <>
    * === Released 0.8.6 ===

    Chinese translation by Chaosye.
    German translation by Christian Dywan.

    User config and data files are moved into ~/.config, ~/.share, etc.,
    according to XDG specification. medit will move old files into new
    locations on startup, so transition should be smooth and invisible (Oliwer).

    Improved file encodings handling, and fixed some bugs related to it.
    Made it use more stock items and icons from icon themes.
    Improved paned widget behavior, no more nasty drawing artifacts.
    Fixed Find dialog which treated replacement text as a regular
    Made editor recognize "nxml" emacs mode as xml. mime type database is used now on windows, so it knows
    how to highlight files of common types.
    'medit filename' behaves better when another isntance is already running.
    Underline character in a filename is no longer treated as mnemonic
    underline in the Window menu.
    Fixed tab icons background bug (Christian Dywan).

    Improved syntax highlighting:
      c csharp css desktop fortran gap gtkrc idl java javascript latex m4
      ocaml octave pascal perl pkgconfig po ruby scheme sh sql tcl verilog
      vhdl xml
    New syntax highlighting:
      docbook ocaml spec

2007-04-09  Yevgen Muntyan  <>
    * === Released 0.8.5 ===

    Fixed critical win32 bug: editor duplicated line endings on save,
    screwing up files and everything (Thomas Gilgin).

    Implemented selecting whole lines on click/drag over line numbers
    margin (stonecrest).
    Made it save user-chosen encodings in Open and Save dialog.
    It's now possible to print line numbers.

    Version 0.8.4 broke loading files on unix, and was deleted.

2007-04-06  Yevgen Muntyan  <>
    * === Released 0.8.3 ===

    French translation by Collilieux.
    Finally made tools written in Python work.
    Fixed Stop button in replace confirmation dialog.
    Number following colon after filename on command line is treated as line number,
    e.g. 'medit /home/user/foo:134'.

    File selector fixes:
      Use exo-open when running on XFCE.
      Correctly determine mime type of backup files and text files.
      Executable files do not get passed to gnome-open and alike, so they are not
      executed on double-click.
      Improved performance and memory consumption.

    Improved syntax highlighting: C, C++, po, gtk-doc, Makefile,

2007-02-03  Yevgen Muntyan  <>
    * === Released 0.8.2 ===

    Made medit ask whether to save changes on logout.
    Fixed build without libxml2.
    Fixed PHP and Java syntax highlighting.
    Double-click in file selector now opens text files in the editor,
    and uses default applications for the rest of files.

2007-01-20  Yevgen Muntyan  <>
    * === Released 0.8.1 ===

    Added syntax highlighting for pkgconfig, libtool, dpatch, dtd.
    Improved highlighting for shell, python, desktop, m4, xml.
    Improved compiler and python output views.
    Added simple python project type.
    Made Alt-<number> shortcuts switch tabs (stonecrest).
    All filter settings matching given filename are applied now,
    in order they are specified, so it's easy to set settings
    for a folder or single glob, and then tweak them for individual
    Added character encoding selectors to Open and Save dialogs.
    File permissions are now preserved when using Save As.
    Input fifo's are created in a separate subdirectory of /tmp,
    to pollute it less.
    Windows build uses mime types database from
    Implemented folder watching on windows: file selector updates
    automatically when folder content changes.
    Drag'n'drop in file selector works with Go to Current Doc Folder button.
    Added bunch of tools for LaTeX documents.

2006-11-30  Yevgen Muntyan  <>
    * === Released 0.8.0 ===

    Added document bookmarks (Dmytro Savchuk).
    "medit" without arguments opens new file if existing process instance
    is used (Lontronics).
    Open dialog remembers its size (Lontronics).

2006-11-19  Yevgen Muntyan  <>
    * === Released 0.7.97 ===

    Added Print Preview and Export as PDF menu items.
    Improved print preview.
    Fixed problem with multiple windows on twm (Lontronics).

2006-11-13  Yevgen Muntyan  <>
    * === Released 0.7.96 ===

    Fixed print preview for different page orientations.
    Made editor use document font to display line numbers.

2006-11-13  Yevgen Muntyan  <>
    * === Released 0.7.95 ===

    Quick fix release for 0.7.9.

    Fixed crash on windows with pygtk older than 2.10.
    Got drawing tabs and trailing spaces back.

2006-11-12  Yevgen Muntyan  <>
    * === Released 0.7.9 ===

    Beta version of new 0.8 release.

    Syntax highlighting has been replaced with brand new syntax
    highlighting from GtkSourceView. It supports million different
    languages, and has much better performance.

    New features and improvements:
        Win32 installer includes GTK.
        Implemented print preview; implemented printing with
        text styles from the document.
        Implemented customizable output filters, for highlighting
        errors in commands output and automatic opening appropriate
        Copying file in the file selector copies its URI/path
        when appropriate.
        Added "async" mode for running shell commands: output is
        redirected to medit's parent console and medit does not
        wait for the command to terminate.

    Fixed bugs include:
        Problem with new keyboard shortcuts not applied immediately
        when set in Configure Shortcuts dialog.
        Build errors with gtk-2.6.
        Paned widgets can't be covered by document anymore.
        Lot of other bugs too.

2006-08-24  Yevgen Muntyan  <>
    * === Released 0.7.1 ===

    Quick-fix release: fixed some build errors,
    removed shell unix tools from win32 build.

2006-08-23  Yevgen Muntyan  <>
    * === Released 0.7.0 ===

    New features and impovements:
        New and improved user-defined tools.
        Much improved Find plugin.
        I18n infrastructure is in place (no translations yet).
        Reworked plugin system.
        Experimental project plugin.
        Printing with gtk-2.10.

        Made it possible to blacklist certain extensions, so no language
        is picked up for them.
        Added New File action in file selector.
        Made displayed tab width configurable.
        Close editor tabs by middle mouse button click (Thomas Gilgin).
        Made font selectors show only monospace fonts.
        Find Current Word action (Thomas Gilgin).
        Improved terminal drawing.
        Prettified python console (Geoffrey French).

    Disabled active strings and completion in this version, they will
    be reenabled and made actually useful in next releases.

    Bug fixes include:
        Fixed bug with simultaneous dragging icon and reordering tabs in notebook.
        On opening files prefer locale encoding to builtin ones (Thomas Gilgin).
        Do not try to open special files both on windows and unix.
        Fix startup notification protocol handling, so the editor does not steal
        focus when using single instance mode and does pop up on correct desktop
        when needed.
        Color scheme setting applied after opening a document (Thomas Gilgin).
        Custom shortcuts did not get saved under certain conditions.
        Fixed tab icon dnd which caused input lock in child windows.
        Fixed bug in Search/Replace when replacement uses back references.
        Store clipboard contents on quit (Thomas Gilgin).
        Fixed crash on paste from another application.
        Save search history and search options (Thomas Gilgin).

2006-05-26  Yevgen Muntyan  <>
    * === Released 0.6.99 ===

    Added Open With submenu in file selector popup menu.
    Fixed bug with per-language settings lost on save.
    Added document list menu in editor windows.
    Fixed crash on paste from another application.
    Improved entry completion behaviour.
    Improved python plugin.
    Updated printing code for changes in gtk api.
    Fixed file selector background bug.
    There is a single win32 installer now, and medit picks up python if it's present
    on startup: medit is not linked to pythonxx.dll, python support has been moved
    into pymo2x plugins.
    Improved build infrastructure (Andreas Hanke).
    Bug fixes.

2006-05-04  Yevgen Muntyan  <>

    * === Released 0.6.98 ===

    Added printing support for gtk-2.9.
        Printing support in gtk is not stable yet, and will likely change
        in future, therefore printing in medit must be explicitely enabled by
        --enable-printing argument to configure.
    Fixed drawing bug when opening big files.
    Made window panes save their position after changing it by drag-n-drop.
    Build fixes on AMD Linux, other bug fixes.

2006-05-04  Yevgen Muntyan  <>

    * === Released 0.6.97 ===

    medit now uses system pcre library if present; FAM support is disabled.

    Allow adding tools into different menus.
    Added gnuplot syntax highlighting.
    Fixed python output pane: it now jumps to correct line in error
    messages, and it uses Stop button.
    Added gui for setting per-language settings in Preferences dialog.
    Dropping a file into the text area opens file now, instead of pasting uri.
    "medit filename" from command line creates new file if the argument is not
    an existing file.

2006-04-30  Yevgen Muntyan  <>

    * === Released 0.6.96 ===

    Fixed bugs:
        Build problems on AMD64 - David Hough.
        Missing #include <time.h> - Nick Treleaven, David Hough.
        Problem with hidden toolbar showing up anyway - Andrey Fedoseev.
        Missing window icon - Andrey Fedoseev.

2006-04-30  Yevgen Muntyan  <>

    * === Released 0.6.95 ===

    Greatly improved syntax highlighting, zillion fixes.

2006-04-20  Yevgen Muntyan  <>

    * === Released 0.6.9 ===

    User-defined completion, tools, and context menus.

2006-04-09  Yevgen Muntyan  <>

    * === Released 0.6.8 ===

    Finally unbroke windows terminal, and finally fixed
    bug with terminal eating 100% of cpu time.

    Active strings, user-defined commands:
        Added support for python scripts and shell commands.

2006-04-06  Yevgen Muntyan  <>

    * === Released 0.6.7 ===

    Reverted changes in windows terminal.

2006-04-06  Yevgen Muntyan  <>

    * === Released 0.6.6 ===

    Lot of bugs fixed, lot of bugs introduced.

        Made quick search work.
        Line ends type is detected automatically, and
        used when saving file.

2006-03-29  Yevgen Muntyan  <>

    * === Released 0.6.5 ===

    0.6.4 is broken

2006-03-29  Yevgen Muntyan  <>

    * === Released 0.6.4 ===

        Implemented printing for gtk-2.10.

        Rewritten drawing.

        Made it work (to some extent) on windows.

2006-03-15  Yevgen Muntyan  <>

    * === Released 0.6.3 ===

    Added customizable menus, with user-defined actions using MooScript.

        Fixed input pipe eating all cpu time.
        Use recursive g_remove on windows for removing directories, to avoid
        shell api asking user if he wants t remove temporary directory.
        Custom About dialog.

        Reenabled force-tag-redraw hack in highlighter, due to GTK bug.
        Fixed unreal slowness of highlighting matching brackets.

        Made moo_term_get_selection_bounds() public.

        Unbroke get_parent_folder

    Python module:
        Made moo module behave like a package.
        Made atributes of TermIter and TermTextAttr writable.
        Added file-like objects which use g_print* for sys.stdout and sys.stderr.