Daniel Poelzleithner avatar Daniel Poelzleithner committed 0b7e87f

add trace.debug_traceback() function

It inserts a traceback into the trace debug log. Usefull on development of unknown code.

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+  elseif node_type == "traceback" then
+    open("debug")
+    slot.put('<pre>')
+    slot.put(encode.html(node.message))
+    slot.put('</pre>')
+    close()
   elseif node_type == "request" then


+  message     -- optional message to add
+This function includes a traceback into the debugging log
+function trace.debug_trace(message)
+  trace._new_entry{ type = "traceback", message = tostring(debug.traceback(message or "", 2)) }
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